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Second Annual Conference on Pheochromocytoma

Second Annual Conference on Pheochromocytoma
September 28-29, 2007
DoubleTree Hilton, Bethesda, Maryland

This was a 2-day conference provided free of charge for all persons interested in the diagnosis and treatment of pheochromocytoma. The conference was specifically designed to provide useful and current information yet is large enough to provide a useful cross-pollination of ideas amongst all participants. The event provided face-to-face interaction between patients and leading physicians, scientists and other medical personnel focusing on pheochromocytoma research and included:

  • Updates on current biochemical diagnosis, imaging, genetics, treatment options, and future plans
  • Breakout question/answer sessions with face-to-face meetings with the leading pheochromocytoma experts
  • Facilitated workshops¬†sponsored dinner events will provide opportunities for all participants to meet and discuss challenges and opportunities with other conference attendees
  • Sponsored dinner events

National Institutes of Health Researchers Study:
Patients with Pseudopheochromocytoma

  • Sympathoadrenal function in patients with paroxysmal hypertension. Patients with pseudopheochromocytoma exhibit a pattern of normal sympathetic noradrenergic outflow, adrenomedullary activation, and augmented blood pressure responses to changes in the sympathoneural release of norepinephrine.
  • PMID: 17921824 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE

Link to Study Information and Conclusions:

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